"All my horizons" 2014 -

Vision and its affect drive my work. Using lens-based media, light and the moving image as starting points, I explore how visual perception shapes our interpretation of the world.

I am interested in how perception paradigms differ within psychology, neuroscience and film theory, finding space for creative experimentation within these gaps and intersections. Our sensorial system – physically fallible and influenced by memory, mood, ideology – mediates what we know of our surrounding reality. Sometimes, the limits between our ideal and physical visions become blurred. How, then, does what I see compare to what you see? How does this perception animate our way of being in the world, of encountering wonder, of communing with one another?

My practice confronts our understanding of what we see by comparing phenomenological experience of the physical to that of the simulated. By complicating the seen through optical illusions, constructed imagery and explorable scenarios, I create viewing experiences that investigate the layers of perception. Results become reflective surfaces for the viewer’s own vision, including video, immersive installation, sculpture, photography, and interactivity.