"Clairière" is a dark, deconstructed fable presenting a character awakening in the woods at night, with an extinguished campfire of human limbs nearby. Using an automatist method, the animation was produced without scripts and storyboards and explores the uncanny and wonderment, and their relationship to affect in the viewing of the moving-image.

Still image from the video.

Animation color video, sound, wood, peephole box.
1920 x 1080, 2:04 mins, 38 x 38 x 51cm // 15" x 15" x 20"

Watch Clairière in its screening version, above.

Installation view at On Main Gallery for the exhibition Through the Trap Door, 2014.

Clairiere_detail_photo-Felicia E Gail.jpg

Still image from the video, 2012.
Photo by: Felicia E. Gail