The Woods

The Woōds is a handmade stop-motion world, explored by the viewer via mobile devices and the web, in ‘choose your own adventure’ style. Viewers can interact with Celia, the main character, through text messages and movement, prompting different fable-like narrative moments and actions. Through its playful interactivity and unique aesthetic, the work questions the limits between dream and reality, human-made worlds and the concept of nature, and structures of communication and domination.


The Woōds was produced in association with Limbic Media, through generous support from BC Film and Interactive Media Fund, Emily Carr University’s President Fund and the Banff Centre.


Still image from the interactive video, 2012.

View of "The Woods" opening at Centre 3, Hamilton, 2013.


View of "The Woods" at its launch exhibition opening at G++ gallery, Victoria BC, 2012.